As a part of Universitas Indonesia, our vision has shaped into campaigning about the classical music itself, opening another point of view for the community. For years, we have been providing a place for students of Universitas Indonesia to explore themselves. We annually perform in public concert venues in order to introduce classical music to others. This year, we would like to contribute more in giving an Educational Tour to various schools in Greater Jakarta Area, namely Sekolah Avicenna and Sekolah Cikal hoping to enlighten students about this field of art and culture in Indonesia, and bridging them to a self-discovery of potential.

We are very aware of the importance of education for students, and we also believe not all learning should occur in class. As one of the classical music activists in Indonesia, we realize that music plays an important role in developing a character of oneself. We hope to continuously make contributions through inspiring people and giving insights about classical music.

As we were inspired by the impact of El Sistema in Venezuela, we decided to organize a musical tour, entitled by the name Educational Tour. This tour is an embodiment of our objective to give insights about orchestra and classical music in schools.

Through this tour, we would like to provide the children an education about classical music—something that would rarely be taught at school. We believe, in music, there are a lot of life lessons that could be applied in the daily life, both at school or even further. This would be done through short seminars, performances, workshops, quizzes, and games conducted by OSUI Mahawaditra. We hope this would support the existence of classical music enthusiasts in Indonesia, and would be a place for them to channel their positive energy.

This Educational Tour is the prelude of our Educational End-of-Year 2017 concert, PERISTÉRI: “Harmony for Peace”!